What is gas recirculation system?

Czym jest układ recyrkulacji spalin

Today, the exhaust gas recirculation system is a permanent element of the engine equipment both in passenger cars and trucks.
The system is also sometimes called an exhaust gas cooler, EGR valve, also commonly known as a recirculation valve.

How does gas recirculation system work?

Its principle of operation is very simple, with its construction it is supposed to significantly lower the exhaust gas temperature, the escaping nitrogen oxide compounds and minimize the soot coming out of the diesel engine system. Which is related to the increasingly stringent requirements for exhaust emissions.
The scheme of operation is shown in the figure below

Source: wikipedia.pl

Construction of the exhaust gas recirculation

The construction of the exhaust gas recirculation itself is a very simple structure and the more and more technologically advanced car electronics control it.
In the construction of the EGR cooler, we can distinguish three basic components
– a throttle to regulate the exhaust gas flow through the valve
– the cooling part with the pipe jacket
– valve part with check valves

The most common failure

The most common failure is the jacket, the shell and tube cooler, which becomes unsealed due to excessive temperature. This is due to the lack of sufficient cooling liquid in the system.

Regeneration of exhaust gas recirculation / EGR systems consists in replacing damaged elements with new ones, maintaining their original technical and operational parameters.

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