Regeneration of EGR systems in heavy goods vehicles, trucks, lorry like MAN, DAF, Volvo, Scania or Mercedes

Regeneration is a process of restoring full technical and operational efficiency to elements that have failed, have worn out or have changed technical parameters to lower ones.

What is EGR system regeneration?

In the case of exhaust gas recirculation/ EGR valve/ EGR cooler only, regeneration consists in the mechanical replacement of damaged or worn elements with completely new ones. The most important for regeneration are the technical parameters of the new elements, so that they meet the strict technical requirements of truck manufacturers such as MAN, Scania, DAF or Volvo, as well as the experience and machinery for regeneration.

EGR system – what is it for?

The EGR cooler itself is an element that eliminates hazardous particulate matter compounds in the exhaust gases to the Euro4, Euro5 or Euro6 emissions required by law. Of course, the exhaust gas recirculation / valve EGR itself together with the EGR valve does not lead to a reduction in a straight line, but is an important and inseparable element to be able to achieve such parameters.

EGR systems in heavy goods vehicles, trucks, lorry like MAN, DAF, Volvo, Scania or Mercedes

Manufacturers of trucks from MAN, DAF, Volvo, Mercedes and Scania have developed EGR valves or a single EGR valve in vehicles so that their products meet the required Euro6 exhaust gas standards. However, the operation of trucks leads to a situation where they fail and the purchase of new ones at authorized manufacturers’ stations is often the cost of 2 or even 3 times higher than the purchase of regenerated EGR valve units and the warranty remains the same for both solutions. New 12 months warranty, refurbished purchased from or a stationary store at Jana Długosza 59 in Wrocław, also a 12-month warranty with no mileage limit.

EGR systems at

Arcoore offers all models for MAN brands – TGX, TGL, TGS, TGM, MAN City Lion’s city buses or MAN Lion’s Coach, Scania R, S, P, T, G series coaches with euro4, euro5 and euro6 exhaust gas standards. with different power Scania R 420, Scania R 440, Scania R 480, also for Mercedes Actros MP4 or Volvo FH6, Volvo FH13.

For regeneration, we use only proven elements such as o-rings, valves, gaskets, shell and tube coolers. In addition, we regenerate the entire damper by replacing the shaft and plates closing the damper.

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