Regenerated throttle for Scania Euro 5 OE 2035352

OE numbers:


Warranty: 12 months
Index Arcoore: AC010935352R


Deposit: 200,00

The offer includes a regenerated EGR valve throttle for Scania Euro 5

OE numbers:

Use in vehicles:
Scania R.
Scania R 400 hp
Scania R 420 hp
Scania R 440 hp
Scania R 480 hp
Scania R Streamline
Scania P 200
Scania P 280
Scania R series
Scania P series
Scania G series
Scania T series
XPI Series (Euro 5)

12-month warranty

Reconditioned product, the price does not include a deposit for the return of the old part.
The amount of the deposit * – 200 euro.
* If the old throttle is returned, the deposit will not be added or the amount will be returned to the indicated account

The throttle is one of the most important elements of the engine system. Its task is to properly deviate the opening angle when pressing the gas pedal, and thus, dosing the right amount of exhaust gas in the popular EGR exhaust cooling system.
The throttle has a huge impact on the exhaust gas standard