Regenerated throttle (EGR valve) for Scania Euro 6; OE 2213333

OE numbers:

Warranty: 12 months
Index Arcoore: AC.PSC6


Deposit: 200,00

Regenerated throttle (EGR valve) for Scania Euro 6; OE 2213332; OE 2213333

The offer includes a regenerated EGR valve throttle for Scania R Euro 6.

OE numbers:

Application in Scania vehicles:
-R series
* 400 KM
* 420 hp
* 440 hp
* 480 KM
* Streamline
-P series
* P 200
* P 280
-G series
-T series
-Xpi series (Euro 6)

The product is covered by a 12-month warranty.

What is a throttle in a truck used for?

The throttle is one of the most important elements of the engine system. Its task is to properly deviate the opening angle when you press the gas pedal and, consequently, to dose the right amount of exhaust gas in the popular EGR exhaust cooling system. The throttle therefore has a huge impact on the exhaust gas standard.

Why is it worth choosing a remanufactured throttle (EGR / AGR valve) for Scania R Euro 6, OE 2213333 from the Arcoore offer?

Choose a remanufactured EGR / AGR valve for Scania R Euro 6, OE 2213333. Regeneration consists in restoring the original properties of the elements, both in terms of quality and functionality. Therefore, the remanufactured throttle valves for Scania R Euro 6 vehicles available in our offer are a guarantee of proper operation and perfect matching of the element to the vehicles, because they do not differ in any way from the original parts of manufacturers. All parts that we use during the regeneration process are exactly like in the original parts.

Safe shipment

Before shipment, we carefully check the technical condition of the products, making sure that we send you a fully functional device, ready to be installed in the Scania R Euro 6, OE 2213333 vehicle. Moreover, each part is carefully packed, taking into account all safeguards to help prevent possible damage in transport.


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