Regenerated air cooler/intercooler Mercedes Actros MP4. OE 9605000002

OE numbers:
Warranty:  12 miesięcy
Index Arcoore –  AC040500002R


Deposit: 180,00

The offer includes a regenerated intercooler for the Mercedes Actros MP4.

OE numbers:


Fits Models:

Mercedes Actros;
Mercedes Actros MP4;
Mercedes Actros MP5;

Regeneration is a completely different process than repair. In the case of intercoolers, the core is replaced with a completely new one, while maintaining the appropriate technical properties and dimensions.
In practice, it recommends cutting out the old sides, cleaning them, sandblasting them, checking them and welding them to a new aluminum core.

Before shipment, the product undergoes a leak test, then it is dried and packed in a dedicated shipping carton

We provide a 12-month warranty for the product.

The price of the product does not include a deposit of 180 euros. The deposit is 100% refundable if the old part is returned.
The deposit will be charged automatically after placing the item in the basket