Regenerated air cooler/intercooler Mercedes Actros MP4. OE 9605000002

OE numbers:
Warranty:  12 months
Index Arcoore –  AC040500002R


Deposit: 180,00

Regenerated intercooler for the Mercedes Actros MP4. OE 9605000002

The offer includes a regenerated intercooler for the Mercedes Actros MP4.

OE numbers:

Fits Models:
Mercedes Actros;
Mercedes Actros MP4;
Mercedes Actros MP5;

We provide a 12-month warranty for the product.

What is an air cooler characterized by Mercedes Actros MP4. OE 9605000002

The air cooler in a truck or bus is used to improve the efficiency of the combustion system and engine power. By lowering the temperature of the air, which has a lower density and mass, the supply of oxygen to the combustion chamber is improved. The combustion quality of the mixture depends on the amount of oxygen in the cylinders. The intercooler therefore has a direct impact on the engine power and its wear.

Intercooler Mercedes Actros MP4. OE 9605000002 – what is its job?

The intercooler, or charge air cooler, works in a similar way to the fluid cooler. The air leaving the compressor goes to a thick pipe, from where it is transferred to the radiator, which is cooled with atmospheric air (hence its location near the front bumper). The air that gives off heat in the intercooler finally goes to the cylinder. It is worth noting that what makes an intercooler different from a liquid cooler is the lack of fans.

Air cooler Mercedes Actros MP4 – damage and malfunctions

A leaky or damaged air cooler has a huge impact on the operation of the turbocharger, which is not able to generate adequate pressure in the system.

The most common symptoms of a damaged intercooler are:

– engine power drop;

– higher fuel consumption;

– in some cases uneven engine operation;

– faster use of other engine components;

We recommend that you periodically check the air recharging system, and if you notice oil stains or the symptoms mentioned above, consult it.

Replacing the intercooler is definitely a cheaper option to repair the system than a later possible replacement of the turbocharger or engine overhaul

Air cooler Mercedes Actros MP4 offered by Arcoore

At Arcoore, we only offer intercoolers Mercedes Actros MP4 that match the original OE parts. Before shipment, all products undergo thorough quality and technical control, and then properly secured so that they do not get damaged during transport.


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