New radiator for Scania R 08'. OE 1851542

OE numbers:

Warranty – 12 months
Index Arcoore – AC010351542;



The offer includes a new liquid cooler for the Scania R 08 ′ truck

Radiator OE numbers:

Numbers used by other manufacturers:

Use in vehicles:
Scania R;
Scania R 08 ′;
Scania P series;
Scania G series;
Scania R series;
Scania T series;
Scania R420;
Scania R620;
Scania G400;
Scania R400;
Scania R500;
Scania G480;
Scania R460;
Scania P270;
Scania R270;
Scania R730;
Scania R500;
Scania R580;
Scania R620;
Scania P380;
Scania T;
Scania P;
Scania G;
Engine capacity:
8,800 ccm;
9300 ccm;
10,600 ccm;
11,700 ccm;
12700 ccm;
15600 ccm;
16300 ccm;
270 KM;
380 hp;
420 hp;
440 hp;
460 hp;
480 hp;
500 KM;
520 hp;
540 hp;
620 hp;

Very good quality replacement.
The product comes with a 12-month warranty, with no mileage limit

The car radiator is used to maintain the optimal engine operating temperature, regardless of the prevailing conditions. Maintaining temperature is essential to avoid seizure of the piston elements in the engine, which could otherwise cause engine failure. Conductors run through the block and the cylinder head, in which, due to the operation of the pump, the antifreeze coolant flows. Its role is to collect heat from the engine and / or other vehicle components, and then transports it to a panel with a network of dozens of tubes that facilitate heat dissipation. The thus cooled fluid is pumped back into the engine.

Coolers are quite durable elements and rarely fail. The most common faults are system leakage, which can occur over time, or mechanical damage, which is favored by the location of the radiator right behind the grill – damage can occur as a result of a collision or even small splinters from the road surface, which, by damaging one pipe, can lead to leakage system and fluid leakage.

Scania cooler, Scania R cooler;

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