New radiator for Scania R 08', OE 1851542

OE numbers:

Warranty – 12 months
Index Arcoore – AC010351542;



New radiator for Scania R 08′, OE 1851542

The offer includes a new liquid cooler for the Scania R 08′ truck

Radiator OE numbers:

Numbers used by other manufacturers:

Use in vehicles:
Scania R;
Scania R 08′;
Scania P series;
Scania G series;
Scania R series;
Scania T series;
Scania R420;
Scania R620;
Scania G400;
Scania R400;
Scania R500;
Scania G480;
Scania R460;
Scania P270;
Scania R270;
Scania R730;
Scania R500;
Scania R580;
Scania R620;
Scania P380;
Scania T;
Scania P;
Scania G;

Engine capacity:
8,800 ccm;
9300 ccm;
10,600 ccm;
11,700 ccm;
12700 ccm;
15600 ccm;
16300 ccm;

270 KM;
380 hp;
420 hp;
440 hp;
460 hp;
480 hp;
500 KM;
520 hp;
540 hp;
620 hp;

Very good quality replacement.
The product comes with a 12-month warranty, with no mileage limit.

Radiator for Scania R 08′, OE 1851542

The solution that guarantees equally beneficial effects in the form of durability, unlimited functionality and full compatibility with the vehicle cooling system Scania R 08′, OE 1851542 are regenerated radiators, which are available in this offer.

Radiator for Scania R 08′ truck – technical parameters

The vehicle radiator Scania R 08′ does not differ in terms of parameters from the original OE part numbers: 1851542; 2027572; 1855518.

All functions and operational parameters of the coolers correspond to those that have characterized this element of the cooling system since the beginning. By far the largest part of remanufactured radiators for this type of vehicle contains a new core that replaced the old, damaged element.

Radiator for Scania R 08′ – why you should choose one?

In the case of older vehicle models, the purchase of a remanufactured radiator is often the only way to restore its technical efficiency. However, even when new parts are available, remanufactured radiators are the solution that guarantees the same quality at a lower price.

Before shipping, we will carefully check the tightness and quality of the radiator, and we will protect it against damage in transport, so that you will receive fully operational parts for the vehicle Scania R 08′.


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