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  • New radiator for MAN Lion’s City/Star/Coach. Neoplan Starliner. OE 81061016515

New radiator for MAN Lion's City/Star/Coach. Neoplan Starliner. OE 81061016515

OE numbers:

Warranty: 12 months
Index Arcoore: AC020316515;



New radiator for MAN Lion’s City on offer; MAN Lion’s Star; MAN Lion’s Coach; Neoplan Starliner.

Radiator OE numbers:

Numbers used by other manufacturers:

Use in vehicles:
MAN Lion’s;
MAN Lion’s City;
MAN Lion’s Star;
MAN Lion’s Coach;
MAN Lion’s Star RH;
MAN Lion’s Coach RH;
Neoplan Starliner
Neoplan Tourliner;
Engine capacity:
12800 ccm;

A replacement with a very good quality.
The product is covered by a 12-month warranty

MAN, Neoplan coach radiator
The radiator is an element of the indirect cooling system, which means that the heat generated by the running engine is transported through the system, the cooling system, to the heat sink, commonly known as the liquid cooler or water cooler. The name “water cooler” is so unfortunate that it suggests water in the circuit, cooling system, which is not true. In today’s automotive industry, special glycol-based fluids are a factor.
The optimal temperature of the coolant, measured at the outlet from the engine, should reach 85-90 degrees Celsius.
The task of the liquid cooler is to maintain the engine operating temperature at its optimal level, ensuring its optimal operation.
Too low temperature causes underheating of the engine, its insufficient operation, higher fuel consumption, but also increased emission of hydrocarbons and carbon oxides.
Too high temperature leads directly to the engine overheating, mechanical damage or, as a consequence, to its seizure.
The liquid cooler has a huge impact on the functioning and proper functions of the car.
An additional element is the heating of the passenger compartment in the MAN Coach, MAN Lion’s Star, MAN Lion’s Coach, MAN Lion’s City, Neoplan, Neoplan Starliner, Neoplan Tourliner buses.
The radiator ensures the correct distribution of heat inside the coach and the right temperature. Of course, not directly, but with the help of appropriate thermostats and air vents.
MAN radiator, Neoplan radiator