New NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6, OE 2006245

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Index Arcoore –  AC030206245



NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6, OE 2006245 – sensors of nitrogen oxides

The offer includes a new NOx nitrogen oxide sensor for trucks DAF XF 106 Euro 6 from 2017. 12.9L

OE numbers:

Fits models:
DAF XF 106

Sensor mounted in front of the catalytic converter
Sensor with ECU program 24 V power supply.
High-quality replacement

What is the NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6 characterized by. OE 2006245?

The NOx sensor available in our offer is a replacement that guarantees quality, durability and functionality, corresponding to the original parts of manufacturers. They are designed for direct installation in the exhaust system. Compatibility with the ECU system enables correct engine operation, ensuring optimal fuel consumption and proper engine operation. NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6. OE 2006245 is powered by 24V.

NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6. OE 2006245 – principle of operation

The function of the sensor is to constantly monitor the content of nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and send information to the engine control unit. Using the information received on the NOx content in the exhaust gas, the engine controller regulates the composition of the supplied air-fuel mixture and the necessary amount of Adblue. In this way:

  • the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gas is lowered,
  • fuel consumption is reduced,
  • engine operation is optimized.

If the NOx sensor in your DAF XF 106 Euro 6. OE 2006245 has been damaged, its replacement with a new part from the Arcoore offer is the only effective way to reduce the emission of harmful substances in the exhaust gas and optimize the engine operation.

What we owe to the NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6. OE 2006245?

Correct information about the exhaust gas content allows you to achieve optimal engine operation. In the case of a damaged NOx sensor, the engine will not be supplied with an optimal mixture, which will result in e.g. too high concentration of toxic and harmful to the environment and health nitrogen oxides, excessive fuel consumption, increasing driving costs and uneven engine operation.

Why is the NOx sensor replacement necessary?

If a fault with the nitrogen oxide sensor is detected in your DAF XF 106 Euro 6. OE 2006245, this will not only result in an incorrect reading of these compounds in the exhaust gases and their emission into the atmosphere, but also in increased fuel consumption and unstable engine operation. All because the controller, which receives incorrect information from the sensor, will supply the engine with the wrong proportions of fuel-air, as well as the wrong amount of Adblue.

NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6. OE 2006245 from the Arcoore offer is a guarantee of the correct operation of the exhaust gas recirculation system in your car, as well as the optimal operation of its engine.

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