New NOx sensor DAF XF 105, 85 CF OE 2011649

OE Number – 2011649, 5WK96628C, 5WK96628A, 1697586, 1793379, 1836060
Index Arcoore – AC030211649


The offer includes a new sensor of nitrogen oxides NOx for DAF XF 105, DAF CF 85 trucks.
OE numbers:
Sensor mounted in front of the catalytic converter
Sensor with ECU program
24 V power supply.
High-quality replacement
The NOx sensor of nitrogen oxides is located directly in the exhaust system of the vehicle and is used to continuously measure the content of NOx (nitrogen oxides) in the exhaust gases of cars. It then sends the information to the engine control unit. On the basis of the received information, the controller controls the operation of the engine and other elements, e.g. Ad Blue dosing, so that the emitted exhaust gases contain the least harmful NOx components. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are one of the most dangerous components harmful to the atmosphere. In high concentrations, they can be very dangerous to health. They arise, among others, in the combustion process in the engine and are then excreted through the exhaust system. Taking into account their enormous harmfulness to the environment, companies producing trucks are trying to design exhaust gas recirculation systems in such a way as to minimize the emission of harmful substances. Part of the systems designed to reduce the emission of harmful substances is the NOx sensor. In the event of a breakdown, the engine is not fed with an optimal mixture. The result can be incorrect exhaust gas composition, increased fuel consumption, problems with proper engine operation and problems with the DPF / catalytic converter system. Most often the on-board computer will indicate a problem with the engine light. Often the car will automatically limit the engine power. Taking into account that the check engine light may also signal other faults, it is necessary to perform computer diagnostics. If the service determines that the errors indicate damage to the NOx sensor, it must be replaced.