New exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for VOLVO FH6. OE 20722340

OE Part Numbers:

Warranty: 12 months
Index Arcoore: AC.NewFH6


The offer includes a new exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) / EGR module for Volvo FH6, Volvo D12

OE Part Numbers:

Fits Volvo Models:
– FH;
– FH6;

– D12;

New VOLVO FH6 EGR / AGR exhaust gas recirculation;

Take care of the quality and eco-friendliness of your vehicle fleet. The Volvo FH6 EGR exhaust gas recirculator is an element that, like any other, can be damaged, and its malfunction will not only deteriorate the quality of exhaust gases from your vehicle, but also negatively affect the engine’s operation and increase the amount of fuel consumed. A new exhaust gas recirculation system for Volvo FH6 vehicles is available from Arcoore.

EGR / AGR Recirculator needs to be replaced? Find out why.

It is natural that in an operating Volvo FH6 vehicle, the EGR / AGR recirculation system will sooner or later fail due to pollutants in the fuel and exhaust gases. Dirt that will burden the controls and prevent proper operation. A new EGR / AGR recirculation valve for the Volvo FH6 is then necessary. The offer of Arcoore also includes regenerated elements that have been restored to their original properties.

New Volvo FH6 EGR / AGR recirculation – why is it worth choosing the Arcoore offer?

The new EGR / AGR recirculators for vehicles [make and model] available in our offer are elements fully compliant with the structure and specification of OEM parts. Therefore, you can be sure that it will be perfectly matched to a specific vehicle model, as well as its efficient and correct operation.

Before shipment, we carefully check and secure all elements, so that their transport is safe, and you get a new and fully functional ERG / AGR recirculation for your Volvo FH6.


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