New air cooler / intercooler Scania R Euro 6, OE 2433149 / 2362748

OE Number:

Warranty – 12 months
Index Arcoore – AC010533149

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New air cooler Scania R Euro 6, OE 2433149 / 2362748

The offer includes a new air cooler / intercooler Scania R euro 6

OE Numbers:

Use in vehicles:
Scania R;
Scania P;
Scania T;
Scania G;
Scania XPI;
Scania Euro 6;

Very good quality replacement.
The product is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Truck air cooler for Scania R Euro 6, OE 2433149 / 2362748

The intercooler is the cooler of the air transferred from the compressor to the cylinder. The purpose of using these elements is to increase the efficiency of the drive unit. Nowadays, the use of an intercooler is already common in supercharged engines, whether it is mechanical or turbo supercharged.

Intercooler Scania R Euro 6, OE 2433149 / 2362748 – principle of operation and function

The purpose of the intercooler is to improve engine performance. How it’s possible? As the temperature drops, air increases its density, and thus its mass volume. Cooler and denser air improves engine performance. Just ten degrees Celsius difference increases air density by about 3-5%, which translates into a similar increase in engine power. Commonly used in-vehicle intercoolers lower the charge air temperature by up to 40%.

Air cooler Scania R Euro 6, OE 2433149 / 2362748 – faults and damage

Intercoolers are not shielded as this would significantly restrict airflow. Hence, they are mainly exposed to mechanical damage, which may be the result of, for example, a stone impact, which flakes from under the wheels of the vehicle driving in front. Other faults are leakages, which cause atmospheric air to enter the charge cooler and, consequently, also to the cylinder. A malfunctioning charge air cooler will cause problems with the engine running, such as jerking, difficulty accelerating, and power loss.

Air cooler Scania R Euro 6, OE 2433149 / 2362748 on offer from Arcoore

At Arcoore, we only offer air coolers Scania R Euro 6 that match the parameters of the original OE parts. Before shipment, all products are subjected to detailed quality and technical control, and then secured in such a way as not to be damaged during transport. The Arcoore offer is a guarantee and the certainty of a favorable purchase, which will allow you to improve the Scania R Euro 6 truck or the entire fleet consisting of these vehicles or cars of other brands, for which we also have radiators.


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