Millers Oils – a guarantee of engine quality and performance

Every owner of a car or fleet of vehicles is committed to maintaining the quality and long life of the engine, as well as its most economical operation. One of the factors thanks to which this can be achieved is the use of high-quality engine oil, the parameters of which will help maintain the good condition of the drive unit and reduce the cost of using the vehicle – for the sake of engine quality, it is certainly worth paying attention to Millers Oils. Learn about their characteristics and the technologies they are manufactured with, and see for yourself that they are the perfect choice for a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles.

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The importance of oil for the operation and quality of the engine

The selection of oil with appropriate parameters, as well as the use of high-quality fuel additives, can significantly extend the life of the unit, protecting its components against abrasion or the effects of excessively high temperatures. The right oil has a positive effect on the engine performance and, finally, the reduction of fuel consumption, which directly translates into lower vehicle maintenance costs, as well as a reduced risk of failure of the drive unit and other components. This is exactly what Millers Oils oils show. Find out why they owe it.


Properties of Millers Oils oils and lubricants

Millers Oils engine oils and lubricants are officially approved by vehicle manufacturers and may also be used during the warranty period. The producer of oils Millers Oils regularly monitors the progress of works on the technology of their production in terms of their protection against wear of engine components and improvement of performance. The functions of Millers Oils include:

  • creating a protective coating between the metal parts of the engine that protects them from wear;
  • ensuring protection during mechanical processes taking place in the engine, thanks to the use of additives;
  • cooling elements, such as pistons and crankshafts during the combustion process of the air-fuel mixture;
  • collecting impurities and preventing them from settling on engine components, incl. cylinder head and crankcase.

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Millers Oils – characteristics

Millers Oils are characterized by the use of triple esters and / or polyalphaolefins in their base. These components allow the oil to work properly in a much wider temperature range, characterized by high resistance to both very low and very high temperatures.


NANODRIVE technology

Millers Oils uses NANODRIVE technology, which was originally developed for motorsports, but is now also used in oils for everyday use. Combined with esters, this technology guarantees maximum engine performance and meets all OEM standards and specifications, including oil change intervals.

The oils with NANODRIVE technology contain advanced nanoparticles that contribute to reducing friction and the wear progression of trimmed motors. This comes down to reducing losses due to high friction and high temperatures, which in turn improves the efficiency of the engine and guarantees its higher performance.

If you want to use oils with NANODRIVE technology, reach for the Millers Oils EE PERFORMANCE range. It is a range that replaces the popular EE LONGLIFE series and can be used in the most extreme operating conditions of engines, even after they have been modified. It is the top shelf of oils, guaranteeing a high degree of protection for the components of the drive unit.

Why is it necessary to use high-quality oils?

Today, low-viscosity oils have a very difficult task due to the need to protect the environment, the use of turbochargers or downsizing. Turbochargers generate high temperatures, and the intervals between oil changes are extended – this requires the use of more and more modern technologies that improve the properties of the oils.