EGR exhaust gas recirculation / EGR cooler / EGR Valve for MAN TGX

Due to the increasingly restrictive regulations aimed at protecting the environment against the emission of harmful substances contained in exhaust gases, EGR exhaust gas recirculators are installed in trucks, commercial vehicles, and even passenger cars. Very often, customers ask us about the availability of EGR recirculators for MAN TGX vehicles. Arcoore offers both new and remanufactured EGR valves for vehicles of this brand. Therefore, in this post, we decided to present both the functionality and operation of this element, as well as information about the commonly used MAN TGX vehicles. Find out about all the information you need to know about the new or remanufactured MAN TGX EGR exhaust gas recirculation systems.

What is the function of the EGR recirculation in MAN TGX vehicles?

The role of exhaust gas recirculation is to reduce the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases generated by the drive units of MAN TGX vehicles. The most harmful compounds that must be reduced in the exhaust gas are nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (CH).

MAN TGX EGR valve operation

How does an EGR recirculator reduce the level of harmful substances in the exhaust gases of MAN TGX vehicles? The principle of its operation is to introduce a certain amount of exhaust gas into the combustion chamber. Thanks to their presence, chemical reactions take place, as a result of which the amount of these harmful gases is reduced.By supplying exhaust gas to the combustion chamber, the fuel heats up, which causes it to evaporate faster. The exhaust gases present in the combustion chamber replace some of the oxygen in the combustion chamber, which without the use of the EGR recirculation would be there in too high a concentration and thus contribute to the synthesis of harmful gases. Therefore, lowering the oxygen content in the combustion chamber reduces the amount of harmful substances generated.

What faults can the MAN TGX EGR recirculator have?

One of the most common causes of EGR valve failures in MAN TGX vehicles is contamination. Their accumulation causes the recirculation control elements to be overloaded, which is why they are not able to ensure the correct operation of this element. It can also burn out as a result of the effects of the exhaust gas on the materials that make up the EGR valve. As a result, the part loses its properties and cannot perform its functions properly.

How can I prevent exhaust gas recirculation failures?

Extending the life of the MAN TGX EGR valve is possible, but it requires steps that are unfortunately not common among truck users. It is all about using clean fuel, servicing the vehicle regularly and cleaning the engine of deposits. As this is not a very common practice, as mentioned, EGR valve malfunctions are more common than could be.

Symptoms of EGR recirculation failures in MAN TGX vehicles

In a properly functioning system, a malfunction will be indicated by the illumination of the appropriate indicator light. However, it can be accompanied by much more serious symptoms, such as:

  • reduced engine performance;
    restricted exhaust gas flow into the intake system;
  • uneven engine idling;
  • difficult engine starting at low temperatures;
  • lack of smoothness during acceleration.

As the above-mentioned symptoms may also indicate problems with other components in the vehicle, the first thing you should pay attention to during diagnostics is the EGR recirculator. It could turn out that omitting this element would lead to the replacement of working parts and expose the vehicle owner to unnecessary costs.

MAN TGX EGR valves on the Arcoore

At Arcoore you will find both new and remanufactured EGR valves for MAN TGX vehicles. All parts are fully compatible with the vehicle, and the valves, O-rings and shell-and-tube coolers in Arcoore recirculators are exactly like OEM parts.You can buy parts by mail order with confidence, because each element is carefully packed and protected against damage that may occur during transport.

What is MAN TGX EGR regeneration?

EGR exhaust gas recirculation regeneration is a process that restores worn or damaged components to one hundred percent of their operational properties. Comprehensive processing ends with restoring the correct shapes and sizes to the materials, and restoring the materials to all the parameters and properties they had after production. Damaged elements in recirculators are most often replaced with new ones. We are talking about parts such as shell and tube coolers, O-rings, gaskets and screws.All remanufactured parts are subjected to appropriate quality tests. The processes are carried out according to original diagrams and technical drawings by qualified specialists. They use proven solutions and methods that allow for the maintenance of high-quality elements and all the properties necessary for proper use.The great advantage of regenerated EGR recirculators is their attractive price.

About MAN TGX vehicles

MAN TGX vehicles are the successors of well-deserved models from the TGA series. It is a series of heavy duty commercial vehicles with two, three or four axles. The MAN TGX series includes:

  • tractor units,
  • dump trucks,
  • garbage trucks,
  • lifts,
  • cement trucks,
  • firefighting vehicles,
  • and similar commercial vehicles.

The MAN TGX series was presented and introduced to the market in 2007 and is still produced today in two factories in Germany, i.e. in Munich and Salzgitter, as well as in Niepołomice in Poland.MAN GTX vehicles come in various models, which are characterized by different sizes of cabs for the driver: XL, XLX and XXL.

Drives used in MAN GTX vehicles

The following drives were used in the vehicles:

  • Euro 5 with 360 HP, 400 HP, 440 HP, 480 HP, 540 HP or 680 HP;
  • Euro 5 EFV (environmentally friendly) with power: 360 HP, 400 HP, 440 HP, 480 HP and 680 HP;
  • Euro 6 with 440 hp, 480 hp, 520 hp, 560 hp and 640 hp, of which the last three are 6-cylinder units with a capacity of 15.2 l D38.At Arcoore you will find EGR recirculators for each of the units of MAN GTX vehicles.

Arcoore offer

Arcoore has not only EGR modules for MAN TGX but also for other MAN models such as TGS or TGL. The portfolio also includes EGR valves, popular exhaust gas coolers for Scania R series and K series, N series, P series, G series and T series as well as for Scania Omnicity, Omnilink and Irizar. We also have EGR coolers for Mercedes Actros MP4 or Volvo FH.